jQuery-ui Tree Control

Introduction: We all know that jQuery-ui being a popular rendering framework supports only basic controls. Many of the controls that we use in web domain are still missing. Once such control is tree control and In order to expand the control set of jQuery-ui, this tree control is created which is compatible with jQuery-ui. Features: … Continue reading jQuery-ui Tree Control

Export to excel sheet using client side Javascript

Introduction: Various binaries and support libraries are present to help us export grids / tables / data to excel sheets, but the same export handling at client side is a tough nut to crack. This plugin helps you achieve that, thereby providing advance features as well. Features: Supported on all jQuery compliant browsers. Supports both … Continue reading Export to excel sheet using client side Javascript

Export to excel sheet using C#

Introduction: This library is written in C#, and enables the developer to provide server side excel export feature with ease. Features: Easy to use. DataSet library features, Export multiple DataSet(s). Specify excel file name. Specify author name in excel sheet. Specify company name in excel sheet. Specify version of excel sheet. Specify header Fore Color … Continue reading Export to excel sheet using C#

How to Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Step by step guide to install Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop on VirtualBox Download Ubuntu desktop .iso file. Create and configure virtual instance for Ubuntu in VirtualBox. Install Ubuntu into virtual instance. Update and upgrade Ubuntu. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions into Ubuntu.

How to Enable 64-bit Option in VirtualBox

For many of us when we start using VirtualBox, we face problems where either the virtualbox is throwing error, or the 64-bit option is not missing. This video will help solve that problem.